Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring is coming!

I know it is. I just took Roxy, my happy little mutt, for a stroll around the back yard of the inn, and what did I find but brave little daffodil shoots peeking out of the ground. Pretty soon those shoots will burst forth and the hillside behind the inn will be awash with bright splashes of yellow and white.

One of our personal spring rituals is to take a day or two and drive through the nearby Amish area to check out what new stores and restaurants have opened so that we can give our guests advice on what to see and do during their stay with us.

Last week we took a trip to Sugar Creek area to check out Heini's Gourmet market. What a neat place! Of course they feature a good selection of Heini's cheeses. Not as many as the main store in Bunker Hill, but most of my favorites were there, including Milk Can Cheddar, and the Peppercorn Chive Yogurt cheese. The market features "made in Ohio" foods and wines from over 200 different producers. Thank goodness we'd just eaten lunch or I'd have blown the budget on all the wonderful items they offer. While I was familiar with many of the products - Rossi Pasta, Rothschild's preserves and salsas, and Tony Packo's hot dog toppings, there were many others I'd never seen before. I think they stock every wine produced in the state. For me the best part of the store was the Buckeye Wine Gallery. For 50 cents per sample you can ask for tasting samples of any of the wines they sell. What a great way to find out if you'll like the wine BEFORE you spend money on a whole bottle. Craig, the wine specialist was very helpful. We told him which types of wines we enjoyed and he suggested similar ones to try. Another area of the market allows you to create your own cheeseball and sample Heini's pre-made cheeseballs. The market also contains a bistro and a food network quality kitchen where cooking demonstrations take place daily. If you're interested, the market is located on SR39, at the NorthWest corner of the intersection of 39 and 93. Their website is http://www.heinisgourmetmarket.com. Good recipes on the website too!

Next Trip: Lehman's Hardware in Kidron.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Elvis has left the building…

Actually we’re not sure he ever got in to the building in the first place! What a fun day we had at the inn yesterday. Good friends Greg and Kim were going to go to Las Vegas for a wedding at the Elvis Chapel, but decided instead to hold their nuptials at the inn. They wanted something unique, and it certainly was that.

The officiant arrived in style in a 1949 White Dodge Coronet, and when the chauffeur (in cowboy attire) opened the door, out popped….. ELVIS. After a short and entertaining ceremony in the gazebo, the newlyweds were handcuffed together to seal the deal. Then we all enjoyed a lovely reception outdoors, during which another Elvis lookalike served peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Congratulations to Greg and Kim. Thanks Elvis. Both of you.

White Oak Inn